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Our Mission

Our mission is to put users in the driving seat, allowing them to access all the content, live from events as it happens. No more scripts, curation or polishing - total access live is raw, real and action packed. 

Our Story

We are passionate about events that bring people together, transform peoples thinking, create memories, celebrate the arts and unite sporting fans with their sporting heros. That's why we want to bring the power of events online through a new transformative technology - Total Access Live. 

Total Access Live - is a breakthrough Video player inspired by the interactive immersive elements of gaming, virtual reality and user generated content; which incentivises users to not only engage with the content, but play a hand in it's creation. By allowing unlimited live streaming cameras streams; users can for the very first time curate and customise their event experiences from the comfort of their own home. 

From Disney, to Warner Media and BBC; our team of technologists, marketeers, creatives, data scientists and analysts have extensive knowledge of traditional broadcasting, gaming and live streaming. 

Our team spans the globe, localising our product to the needs and wants of our customers across a multitude of industries. 

Experienced Leadership

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