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Bring Fans closer to the Action

Total Access Live is an advanced OTT player, synchronizing real-time data with rich interactivity

Total Access Live is not just another OTT streaming platform with interactive features, it’s a video game that can stream content.
It’s what makes it unique and is why Total Access Live can do what other platforms can’t.

The perfect marriage of content and data, Total Access Live is the future of interactive entertainment across mobile, web and connected TV. Our innovative, patented interface allows users to engage with content and brands in ways only ever previously imagined and will release a suite of new commercial opportunities for content rights holders and new disruptive business models for stagnant industries.

Our interface dynamically switches elegantly between a 2D linear feed to a 3D extended environment that we can populate with a range of different features that allows the user to interact and engage with in a more immersive way.



Total Access Live is about doing not viewing. This choose your own adventure approach results in a stickier user experience, holding attention and creating a plethora of new monetization opportunities.
Your audience can access the data, source the content and engage with your company or brand partners like never before in an interactive, immersive and creative way.



Never loose your flow. Rather than a user having to jump between the OTT platform, a separate betting app, an external eCommerce site, NFT solution or platform to view live stats, all of this can be handled from inside Total Access Live.


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