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Sports NFTs in Total Access Live

Event highlights are automatically turned into NFTs.

NFTs have introduced a new way to express fandom and to incentivise behaviour:-

  • Driving viral growth. For example, if a viewer shares a link to friend suggesting they subscribe to a streaming Network (fulfilling smart contract conditions), Total Access Live will award viewers with NFTS.

  • Creates new value for marketplace participants who contribute to growth.

  • Is built on an open, distributed, and shared data layer to promote transparency and collaboration with other trending apps, channels and services.

  • Facilitates inclusion in that anyone with a mobile phone may earn rewards and influence outcomes.

  • Brings larger audiences to sports and keeps them longer.

  • Disperses direct and indirect value throughout the entire ecosystem.

  • Promotes brand loyalty by allowing community stakeholders to guide governance.

  • Improves advertising engagement while also decreasing cost to advertises.

  • Enables a brand new feature set and rewards program for viewers and advertisers.

  • Provides a set of tools for growing and participating in a sports network effect with the ability to cross-pollinate viewers, engagement and liquidity across properties.

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