Total Access Live is building the world’s leading interactive video platform - giving users 360 access to live sports and NFTs of sports highlights.

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Put Fans In Control

Enrich your fan experience with real-time data overlays, providing additional on-screen stats and info. 

Real-Time Data Visualization

Total Access Live will automatically create 'smart' highlights for users without the need of an operator to manually produce the clip.

Multi-Angle Clips

Allow fans to relive the action by offering them the chance to view the same moment from different angles, including 360.

Jump to the Action

Automatic alerts appear to inform users of goals, substitutions, and key moments from other live games off-screen.


Build a community with social profiles, group forums and social messaging. 


 Event highlights are automatically turned into NFTs.

NFTs have introduced a new way to express fandom and to incentivise behaviour:-


  • Driving viral growth. For example, if a viewer shares a link to friend suggesting they subscribe to a streaming Network (fulfilling smart contract conditions), Total Access Live will award viewers with NFTS.

  • Creates new value for marketplace participants who contribute to growth.

  • Is built on an open, distributed, and shared data layer to promote transparency and collaboration with other trending
    apps, channels and services.

  • Facilitates inclusion in that anyone with a mobile phone may earn rewards and influence outcomes.

  • Brings larger audiences to sports and keeps them longer.

  • Disperses direct and indirect value throughout the entire ecosystem.

  • Promotes brand loyalty by allowing community stakeholders to guide governance.

  • Improves advertising engagement while also decreasing cost to advertises.

  • Enables a brand new feature set and rewards program for viewers and advertisers.

  • Provides a set of tools for growing and participating in a sports network effect with the ability to cross-pollinate viewers, engagement and liquidity across properties. 

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